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There are many things we can do to promote good mental health in ourselves and our children. And effective treatments are available so people with mental health challenges lead full, balanced and happy lives. Yet, there are misconceptions associated with the topic of mental health—and with mental illnesses, in particular—that keeps people from talking about and seeking support for mental health issues.

Mental health impacts everyone in Illinois. It’s a key component of our overall health and well-being, connecting to all other aspects of our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

All of us are affected when a colleague, loved one, neighbor or friend lives with a mental health challenge. Nationally, over 20 percent of the population lives with a mental health problem. At any one time, more than 700,000 Illinois adults are coping with a diagnosable mental illness.

We invite you to explore this site. Learn about promoting mental health, mental health and children, treatment and recovery, mental health and the economy and what you can do to help Say it out loud.

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