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Say It Out Loud
Chante and Max
Chante’s Story
Chante was diagnosed with depression as a college freshman. At first, she hid it from her friends and family. Slowly, she found the courage to open up, finding that people were supportive when she gave them the chance. She’s particularly grateful to her boyfriend, Max, who has lent tremendous moral support.
My junior and senior years in high school I started feeling down a lot more often and then in senior year with all the stress my anxiety started to act up so I definitely think that there were warning signs before I got to college. I think college just kind of like, you know, the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I definitely think that being young makes it more difficult because you’re at an age where you’re already trying to figure out who you are and what you want to do with yourself and then you discover something else that causes you to sometimes act in a different way or it puts you, it makes you feel isolated and lonely. I started talking to my friends probably a couple of months after I started going to therapy. I had stopped talking to them for a while and at first they would call and I wouldn’t answer and they started calling more often and my mom found out. So when I did start talking to them I was terrified and actually my best friend, she told me that she went through the same thing in high school. And that’s how it was with a few of my other friends, they had went through the same thing or had people who went through the same thing and I, it was very helpful for me because this whole time I was thinking I was the only one. So they were very supportive.

Say it out loud means to me, it’s an opportunity to be able to tell my story in the hopes there is someone my age more than likely going through what I went through and they’re probably thinking they’re all alone and there’s no way out. But there is a way out and there’s so many people who go through it. And it’s just my way of being able to help someone.

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